Hypnotherapy – NOT the Tinkerbell Effect

TinkerbellRecently I’ve had several people ask me whether hypnotherapy only works because of the Tinkerbell Effect – that is, something that is only brought about because we believe in it. If you recall in Peter Pan, Tinkerbell dies when Peter refuses to believe in her but is brought back to life by the belief of the audience.

Although I would be surprised if someone parted with their well-earned cash for something that they had absolutely no faith in, I’ve found that the most sceptical of people have actually been pretty good subjects and have had excellent results. It really makes no difference whether the client “believes” it will work or not as long as they’re prepared to cooperate to a certain extent – i.e. sit back and listen!

The biggest success is brought about when the client just goes with the process without trying to make anything happen – taking the departure from the Peter Pan analogy further, you don’t need to “think of a happy thought” in order to fly! Maybe that’s why a sceptical client does have good results – they have no preconceived expectations.

What I have discovered though, is that the more sceptical client claims that they lost weight after seeing me because they upped their exercise regime and ate less because they wanted to. That’s fine. It’s all within their control and that’s what it’s all about!

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