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148964_373686622727089_1568666295_nThe practice was established in May 2012 by Liz Redpath, BA Hons, MNSPH.

Liz has been working in a counselling setting since early 2008, but made the decision to retrain in hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis on recognising its potency in overcoming deep-seated conditions far more rapidly and effectively than could be achieved through counselling or other therapies. She has since seen significant results in numerous clients who have brought about considerable changes in their lives following their hypnotherapy treatment.

Liz spent 12 years working in adult vocational training and subsequently for RNIB as a vocational rehabilitation counsellor. In recent years she has worked in Higher Education in the Counselling & Wellbeing Service advising and supporting students.

Liz trained and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner at the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy based in Argyll and is a Member of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (NSPH), the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

#9 Clinical Hypnotherapy maintains full professional and public liability insurance covering both hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.

Approved practioner in hypnotherapy and hypnotic psychoanalysis

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

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Why #9 Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Initially the name came from #9 Dream, a song by John Lennon and a book by David Mitchell. Both refer to the ninth dream as the one that begins when other issues have been resolved and that it marks the beginning of a change in one’s life. Whilst wanting to keep the meaning of this, the “dream” part was dropped due to the risk of people being misled into thinking that hypnosis and sleep/dreaming were the same.

So long ago
Was it in a dream? Was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me
#9 Dream; John Lennon

Dreams are shores where the ocean of spirit meets the land of matter. Dreams are beaches where the yet-to be, the once-were, the will-never-be walk awhile with the still-are

Time may be what stops everything happening at once, but rules are different asleep

A book you finish reading is not the same book it was before your read it
#9 Dream; David Mitchell

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